Ag news and Producer Highlights

Ginner of the Year

Cindy Wilkins 2021 Winner

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SCGA Outgoing President

Sam Angel II: Finishing eventful year as SCGA President! 

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A.L. Vandergriff Cotton Pioneer Award

Cotton Incorporated receives 2022 Vandergriff Award

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How consultants can partner with producers to complete U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol

Hear more from Don Parker, National Cotton Council vice president of Techincal Services and Cotton Foundation executive director, about how producer enrollment-assistance can be a value-added service that consultants can offer and how producer data privacy will be maintained. He also discusses upcoming training/workshops for consultants to learn more about the information needed for producer enrollment.

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From drought to timely rains to bountiful harvest

WALK'N IN HIGH COTTON Oh what a difference some timely rain can make! Hear about the 21 season and harvest with Eddie Smith while the new JD CS770 strips his cotton near Floydada, Texas.

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Rising fertilizer prices, supply chain concerns & upcoming harvest

From sharply rising fertilizer prices to concerns about the supply chain, Texas Rolling Plains producers Kevin Corzine, who farms in Haskell and Stonewall counties, and Alan Sandbothe in Jones County, discuss their concerns but also how they might manage things differently as they look ahead.

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SCGA Incoming President

Calloway to lead Southern Cotton Ginners in 2022 - 23

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Memorial Scholarship Honoree

SCGA Scholarship awarded in Buddy Tanner's Honor

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Chasing a high-quality U.S. cotton crop

BELTWIDE COTTON CONFERENCES Byron K. Cole, USDA-AMS Cotton & Tobacco deputy director, Grading Division, says the 2021 cotton crop is "one of the highest quality crops," the USDA classing offices have graded in some time. He discusses how many samples have been graded thus far and how much remains to complete the season. He also touches on the labor issues and how they are impacting staffing in the offices throughout the U.S

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Grower Eddie Smith finishing up the 48th crop of his career

A conversation with Floydada, Texas, producer Eddie Smith. I visited with Eddie and his son Eric Monday in one of their drip-irrigated cotton fields. Eddie, who's finishing up the 48th crop of his career, talks cotton quality and yields and concerns about supply issues and rising costs. Hear what he has to say while you watch the new JD CS770 run in one of his fields.

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Cotton producers Lloyd Arthur & Jeff Pate give crop update

Texas South Plains cotton producers Lloyd Arthur, Ralls, and Jeff Pate, Idalou, talk about this year's late cotton crop, frustrations with what could have been and waiting on a rain. Watch this video to hear what they have to say and catch a glimpse of cotton harvest underway on Lloyd and Angela Arthur's farm. Daisy, their two-year-old lab, is even a part!

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Carbon Credits: How will soil carbon be measured?

"Carbon is what's driving our soil health," says Soil Scientist Katie Lewis, who recently talked with Southwest Farm Press Editor Shelley Huguley about her carbon background and questions regarding how to measure soil carbon. Lewis was a guest speaker at the 16th Annual Texas Alliance for Water Conservation Field Day Meeting in Lubbock, Texas. Texas Alliance for Water Conservation.

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